Friday, June 13, 2008

god for man or man for god

each group of men has developed a method for reaching out to a divine force.
some groups have evolved codes which cover every aspect of life.
others have separated the codes and the laws from the worship of the divine.
man has always been in constant interaction with other groups in other areas,economicaly ,
militarily and spiritualy.
in the economic interactions,disputes should have been resolved justly and fairly.
When a group is not fair,friction arises.
a group which considers itself to be special will stoop to deceit in economic affairs.
the upper classes and castes of the hindu need the other backward classes and castes to hate the muslims.
the jews need the americans to be engaged in fighting the muslims.
there is one god and not different gods for each group of people.
economics and commerce when done on the basis of greed and not on fairplay and honesty is
the root cause of all war.
the understanding that in economic dealings,special lineages or special books do not give any special privileges,will see a warless world.
resolution of economic disputes should be separated from religion.
there is no place for a priest in a court room.
truth alone triumphs.
this has to be the ultimate universal religion.

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