Friday, June 20, 2008

Are rama and krishna tools or gods

The vaishnavite has developed his religion with the sole intention of perching himself in the corridors of power.He is more concerned with remaining connected to the rulers and fashions his gods and religious practices accordingly.He invents rituals and traditions that are viewed with awe by the common man and the king alike.These elaborate rituals of the vaishnavite will appeal more to women who are on the lookout for more refined and earthly religions compared to the raw and ancient thinking of saivism.The methods of the vaishnavite have evoked derision and disgust at their missionary zeal and an air of arrogant superiority.
The Vaishnavite uses his gods as a tool for reaching political power.At present,the vaishnavite is a vocal backer of the bharatiya janata party.In contrast,there cannot be seen any saivite who mixes his religion and politics.
Is the saivite interested in a situation where he is excited by americans and others converting or reconverting into the so called hinduism.
It is abundantly clear that vaishnavism is a political doctrine.

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