Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Race for more numbers

Three religions are racing to get as many converts as possible.One of them is vaishnavism and the other two are christianity and islam.
The vaishnavite project received a setback with the entry of islam into India.It has now activated itself into full vigour and is sensing a good climate for better results.The good climate was set up by the creation of a climate of suspicion against the muslims.
Vaishnavism still feels an insecurity of the western religions as they are the ones with the same vigour as itself.The ancient religion of the subcontinent,saivism,has witnessed attempts of vaishnavism to graft itself onto it through the centuries.The simple religion of the subcontinent is rooted in devotion and purity of mind.There are no codes or rules except an awe of the divine manifested in nature.Social customs and traditions are evolved through centuries and are not derived from a divine revelation.
Vaishnavism has tried its desperate best in the past to put a system in place into the unalloyed devotion of saivism.The present witnesses the fight of vaishnaviam,christianity and islam for the subcontinent.
The vaishnavites have their organisations in the political sphere as well.
The Islamic upheaval is sustained by the actions of the americans and the israelis whereas the christian mission has the economic backing of the west.
The race of the three religions is bereft of any larger thinking of the universe and creation.
The one place on the earth which has not come under the control or sway of any of these three religions is the land of the dravidians.
Wherever vaishnavism has gained a toehold in the south,it can be seen to be at violent confrontation with islam and to a lesser extent christianity.
vaishnavism is aided in its race against its twin rivals by coming under the artificial 'hinduism' label.
The dravidian land where the purity of devotion melts the heart is witnessing this gross competition for numbers and control.

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