Monday, May 19, 2008

Point Of No Return

As the war continues in sri lanka with increasing ferocity and casualties,it is looking like both the sides have decided to fight it out till the very end.This decision must have been taken once both sides realised that there is no room for dialogue and the goals of both the sides are irreconcilable.This has arisen from the actions of the majority community in attempting to steamroller the minority community and its interests.Once the brute force of the majority exerts itself over a point,a segment of the minority is driven to take action in retaliation.The scars that have caused this segment to retaliate are not easy to heal.Other segments of the populations are not in the same mindset and have different desires at different points of time.It is the segment that retaliates that represents the direct outcome of the actions of the majority.
Dr jayaprakash narayan speaking on loksabha tv said that is surprising that larger numbers do not take up arms as a result of the situation prevailing in our police stations.
The bjp thought that the best way to rally hindus was by attacking and demolishing a 500 year old mosque.It gave little attention to the effect of its actions on the muslims.
Were the muslims expected to empathise with the frustration of the hindus and their need to take it out by demolishing a defunct mosque.Were the muslims expected to cower and resolve to live a second class life as their forebears had committed many excesses.
Or were the muslims expected to feel good at these developments as an expiation of the excesses committed by the muslim rulers of the past.A segment of the muslims probably resolved to turn the situation back to the days when they ruled over the subcontinent.
This segment received more inputs to its membership when the bjp government in gujarat decided to emulate the action of a mob which committed a crime.The government bravely decided that it could outdo criminals in their criminal actions.The chief minister made a decision that he would temporarily forget his oath taken with the bhagavad gita as witness.The urge to ape the criminals made the chief minister forget that he had taken an oath witnessed by the public.
The srilankan government and the peoples are reaping the harvest of the earlier actions of the governments in the past.The indian government and people are faced with the additional burden of a section of the population that has still not realised the outputs of its actions.
If we set out to rectify history,the number of states will turn into a number of countries.

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