Monday, May 19, 2008

The new divisions within the so called hinduism

The hindus who support the communists,the congress,the dmk and the sp are also hindus as is defined in the law.
When the BJP and its allied organisations say that they are fighting to save the hindu religion,does it mean the beginnings of a civil war among the hindus?
Some blogs and the comments on are witness to the peculiar behaviour of a section of the hindus who try to label people with hindu names as xtian,talibani and maoist .
These sections of the hindus also label these people as self hating hindus.
On a closer look,one begins to make out a trend that goes into the divide.
The names give a hint,some come with shortened names to counter this trend.
A hint of a divide can be made out.
There is the makings of a divide though,when the supporters of one party proclaim themselves to be saving hinduism when there are more numbers of hindus supporting the other parties.
The ram sethu issue has been raked up to overcome this divide but it will end up creating sharper divides and accentuating the real historical divides.
The inference that has slowly started showing itself up is that the bjp is a party of people who are playing around with hinduism at will with no larger purpose other than getting a grip on power.
The ultimate aim seems to be to sustain the fantasies of sections of one community and one class.
Even these classes have started to realise the gameplan of the bjp.
The lack of an alternative political party or formation has been resulting in the bjp getting the occasional chance at government.

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