Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Youth and their mistaken beliefs

Some of the young minds inhabiting the internet have fallen hook,line and sinker for the propaganda of the bjp.
These young minds might be suffering from a malaise which might be called noninformation disorder or fantasticfantasy disorder.
These young minds have been led to believe that the congress party is soft on terrorism as it does not want to antagonize its muslim votebank.
It is a totally laughable premise which seems to take for granted that certain sections of the populace will never vote come what may.
It is obvious that the muslims are concentrated in a few states and in other states in a few constituencies.
How can a party which is the oldest party and has membership from every strata of society
and every corner of the country be taken to be concerned with just one segment of the population.
There is an universal franchise in the country and any citizen can utilise it without any fear in any part of the country.
These sections probably believe that some percentage of the hindus are dumb to the extent that they will never turn up to vote.
If that is a foregone conclusion,then the premise that the congress is soft on terrorism on account of its vote bank is true.
The population of india is made up of 80 % hindus with the muslims making up 15 %.
The supporters of the bjp,in their various antics to whip up support of the party.at various times,
need to portray the hindu population as dumb and cowardly.
It is certainly not a healthy state of affairs.

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