Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bharatiya junk party

The bharatiya janata party is unwholesome.
An issue which has ramifications for the situation in jammu and kashmir has been reduced to one of jingoism.The battle to win the hearts of the people and to defeat the militants has been waged for almost two decades now.The people have been won over by the patient approach of the governments and the army.
At this point,the execution of afzal would be the life breath that the forces of intractability and militancy are gasping for.The home minister has to resolve the issue and he has decided to take the decision to the people.The bharatiya janata party deserves condemnation for its unholy attitude to matters of far reaching significance.

Arnab Goswami on times now made the clever deduction that it could have been a planned release to the media,but for what,that is the awesome part,for the votebank in tomorrows phase of the karnataka elections.The raucous misinformation of the bjp has spread to the tv channels.

The judicial analysis as also the moral one has been done by Praful Bidwai.


Praada said...


The value of life of a person is quantitative in the view of all the liberals and fanatics. All mudslinging along with many planted detours in a issue between State and subject.
As long as there is belief in God, there will be no respite for humanity.

samurai said...

hi praada,religion should allow man to wonder and be rooted,most of the religions are making man to want to acquire strength in numbers and to be perpetually defending their respective religions.
atheism is probably linked to communist ideals.