Thursday, May 22, 2008


The bjp has turned its supporters into nervous wrecks by harping on the issue of centuries of enslavement.It is totally reprehensible that the bjp is engaged in an endeavour to make the hindus lose their composure and confidence.The constant focussing on the muslims has made the hindus feel increasingly agitated about the past.There is a feeling in some quarters that the muslim rule was marked by attempts to convert the population to islam by brute force.
The rulers could be said to have been employed by the people to provide them security and an enforcement of the laws.It was similar to a company,the perks for the ceo was in the riches at his disposal. The salaries of the ceos would have been extraordinary,even greater than the salaries of today, but the real perks were in the lifestyles.
There were hostile takeovers of the company by multinational companies ,first from the west,and then from britain.These companies brought in superior technology,in certain instances, and different methods of governance.
Some of these ceos were interested in instilling their personal beliefs on the shareholders, the people. Some would have tried to reduce the dividends to the people,by increasing the taxes.
A few tried to split the people,favouring those that shared in the religious beliefs of the ceo.All of these attempts were unsustainable.The people would not have been able to digest this and would have associated under one or the other homegrown directors of the company .The ceo would have been attempted to be overthrown .Some of the later ceos,the british ones,resorted to a policy of dividing the shareholders to be able to continue with their corruption.The rulers were always faced with the possibility of violent upheavals if their administration was not upto the mark.The risk of brigands was an everpresent one,the ceos risked losing their lives if they were not sufficiently prepared.
It was the people who held the power,the people were the source of the riches of the ceos.Some arrogant ceos realised the futility of interfering in the lives of the shareholders, as such attempts would have resulted in the companys bottomline getting affected. Some of the ceos were least bothered about the welfare of the shareholders whereas some others were exceptionally involved with the lives of the people. Some ceos diverted the revenues of the company to their overseas companies in their lands of origin,which finally resulted in the shareholders deciding to take over the administration of the company.

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