Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A brahmin hero

Some sections of the youth have come under the influence of the bharatiya janata party and have started believing that indians are cowards.
one youth on one forum asked the question whether we are hijras.
that question reveals the extent to which the youth are misinformed about the manner in which
indians of the earlier centuries fought against various forms of aggression.
the antics of the bharatiya janata party are consistently adding to the list of the misinformed and the misguided youth.
these youth are being led to believe that the hindus do not know how to organise resistance when necessary.
The frustration at this misinformation is being tuned to a higher pitch in the runup to the elections.
Since the brahmins seem to be in the forefront of those espousing the bharatiya janata party,it is
apt to remind them that heroes do not write letters of apology and we have had a great number of them over the centuries.

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