Monday, March 3, 2008

The time has come to expose the fraud of the sangh parivar

The forces of the sangh parivar have twisted everything from the past and have turned our youth into apologists of their actions.
Armies from the west have come into India from the times of Alexander and possibly earlier also.
There were monarchs like Ashoka and Chandragupta who had vast empires.
Islam came into India within a short span of its origin.
The Muslim armies would probably not have been possessed by a missionary zeal as by a materialistic ambition.
The local populations would not have unnecessarily been agitated at these invasions as their lives would have been insulated from the kings and their armies.
When some of these kings were driven to use religion in their political wars,the people fiercely resisted.
Whenever a temple was demolished in these political wars,the repercussions would have been the fiercest.
Those kings who fell into the trap of mixing religion with politics would have realised their folly and the staunch belief of the indian people in their religious philosophies.
There were a few instances when the wars were horrifyingly bloody.
Those were 500-1000 years back.
80 % of India is hindu of one form or another today.
The forces of the sangh parivar have tarnished the courage and the greatness of the indian people.
Hinduism is universal and everlasting.
The forces of the sangh parivar have degraded the youth into hating other religions.

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