Monday, March 3, 2008


The meaning of this word can be understood if one reads this article,an interview.
Such articles will always be followed by the comments of the type which can be seen following the article.
The youth of our country is being fooled,divided and led astray by the forces of the sangh parivar.
The twisting begins with the very first answer itself.
Does tarun vijay believe that the congress party consists of people who are committed to destroying hinduism.
Does he believe that all the ministers and the cadre of the indian national congress are committed to destroying hinduism.
Will he actively campaign for debarring anybody associated with the indian national congress from entering temples.
All he will and all he can is harp on the issue of the foreign origin of sonia gandhi and make insinuations perpetually and confuse and deceive the people.
One can understand how desperately these forces needed something like bofors and how they did their best in utilising that episode to spread disillusionment in the country.
Why does tarun vijay think that the government ignores anything that is linked to hinduism.
He will raise non issues like the ram sethu and cause the hindus to feel aggrieved and insecure.
he is destined to wallow in falsehood.
he will realise that truth will triumph.
one should understand his ailment and work towards guiding him and others with similar problems towards the real hindutva and its ideals and timelessness.
these kinds of people are adept at appearing reasonable.
the very least they should understand is that religion should be kept separate from politics.

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