Monday, March 3, 2008

Ajit Jogi

ajit jogi seems to have worked his way back after his career was on a downward spiral.
he delivered a powerful speech in parliament while talking on the motion of thanks to the presidents address.
the ex ias officer probably got into disrepute due to his sons actions.
the congress can be expected to come to power in the next elections in chattisgarh.
the leader of the opposition raised the point of the gandhi family monopolising the names of projects.
this article by s gurumurthy reveals the eagerness to depict an image of knowing everything and the perennial ailment of taking potshots at the gandhi family and feeling good while doing it.


Undertrial said...

It is all too easy to use sons of politicians as scapegoats for the misfortunes of their fathers; indeed, popular culture- in particular, cinema- feeds that stereotype.

I too have suffered from this demonization. Despite my acquittal last year- my father's political opponents charged me with murdering someone I had never heard of before- this Blogger continues, without any basis in fact, to subscribe to this omnipresent meme (of the villainous son).

Half-truths, after all, are also half-lies.



samurai said...

amit,i m guilty of not having acquainted myself fully with the facts of the problems faced by you .
i admit that i wrote from memory which was probably influenced by the media,which would have found it easy to indulge in overkill,and probably demonization.
my post should have focussed on the thing that led me to write it,the power of ajit jogis speech.
i apologize for having caused you distress.