Thursday, January 31, 2008

hate target

Human beings have a need to hate.There has to be some target towards which anger can be directed.A feel good feeling arises when the target is sufficiently vilified.This holds true for personal relationships as well as in the public sphere.A corollary is an eagerness to accept every news in a bad angle which feeds the need for confirmation.News channels revel in feeding and sustaining such news.People with some distinct traits turn out to be easy targets and end up getting marginalised.The same happens with some communities and cultures.
The tambrams hate the DMK.The same can be said of the educated classes.
The educated classes in the north and to an extent in the south have found the gandhi family to fulfill their need for hate.They have another target in the muslims.
The educated sections in AP hate YSR.
The educated sections in their twenties all over india hate the communists.
The naxalites hate the landed sections and the governing elites.
The cold war saw the west hating the russian bloc.
The american establishment hated saddam,hates the regimes in iran and venezuela.
The alqaeda hates america.
The list will continue endlessly.
It is an evolutionary block which makes the mind need something to chew on to make itself feel good.
This article in the hindu on christmas day 2006 is a classic.

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