Thursday, January 31, 2008

yenna sinna pulla thanama irukku

i was reading arundhati roys cover story in outlook,where she has again become the conscience of the nation,speaking the stark truths that never appear in much of the english press.
she had quoted ms golwalkar as having written that the foreign races may stay in the country,wholly subordinated to the hindu nation.leaving aside the evil that that represents,it struck me as akin to the thinking of a fourth standard boy;all is mine,i wont give you anything.
as vaigai puyal vadivel says,yenna sinna pulla thanama irukku(what is this,thinking like a small kid?)
another point was her referral to the big b s campaign for india poised.
i cant understand what was horrible about life in the pre liberalisation era?
we are having buying power now,being able to buy consumer products made in india which are at par with the rest of the world.
we are all drinking now and drinking more.
a s/w engineers life more or less starts on friday evening and goes on till sunday midnight.
there are more choices of restaurants and pubs.
has the life expectancy dramatically improved or plummetted over these years?
has the quality of family life improved or suffered?
are all of us happy with outings to the mall than when we were watching dd?
people have more to do and that gives them a freedom of movement with which they are happy.
there is no need to paint the pre liberalisation years as being horrible or that we are at some great upward mobility point,as arundhati quotes amitabh from india poised"at the edge of times great precipice".
the real issues that arundhati has made us to see are happening in much of central india,we cant continue posturing on blogs and arguing on online forums.
we have to understand the turmoil that the most farthest indian is going through so thjat we are able to continue investing in the stock market,so that the most miniscule minority can holiday in switzerland,so that we can go to the movies in the is being done at the price of total disruption and destruction of the lives of millions of our own countrymen.
we are feeling dynamic and mobile at their expense.
arundhati roy should stand for elections.

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