Sunday, December 2, 2007

who is in politics

A person who is employed or selfemployed can manage to juggle a democratic position with his or her primary occupation.
A person desirous of contributing to society can contest in an election and canvass for votes after he or she has handled their duties at work.
a software engineer would have two whole days to garner votes.
people with established businesses would have more time in their hands.
why hasnt there been an initiative along these lines by citizens across the country.
citizens have developed a confrontationist and hateful attitude towards the political class.
the pressures which are encountered in politics and in democratic positions create a reckless attitude.
motivations to cut corners for self gratification are universal.
the capitalist and materialist tendencies create the politics of greed.
developed nations like the united states have not been able to resist the urge to use force to enforce capitalist supremacy.
we have the burden of the caste system to overcome as an additional handicap.
universal medical insurance seems to be a starting point towards achieving a perfect society.
that takes us back to the motivation to abuse government programmes and policies for self gratification.

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