Wednesday, December 5, 2007

drizzling in bangalore

when it gets cloudy and overcast,bangalore goes into flashback mode when it was a good old town,like most of interior karnataka is.there are many places in karnataka which are straight out of malgudi days.
there needs to be a drastic reorientation of bangalore.
the bus station has to be shifted out of the congested majestic area.there was a report recently about a mega bus terminus on tumkur road.
as a temporary measure,measures like that in mexico city,where odd numbered and even numbered cars are allowed to ply on consecutive days could be visualised.
the bus services have improved vastly,yet the prices are on the higher side.
rajyotsava was elaborately celebrated throughout november which indicated a need to establish the kannadiga ethos.
there is a feeling that important decisions regarding the citys infrastructure are being made with an eye on the realestate ramifications.
this article in the hindu brought out the costs involved in the metro and the advantages of rapid bus transit corridors.

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