Sunday, December 2, 2007


religious leaders in karnataka were instrumental in defeating the proposal to add eggs to the mid day meal.
a survey had indicated that children were enthusiastic about the addition to their meals.
deve gowda has now indicated that there is interference in politics by these religious personalities.
these types of religious leaders seem to revel and enjoy being in the political spotlight.
jayendra saraswathi was too close and involved with politics.
some sections seem to welcome such linkages.
the law and the constitution are supreme.
the so called hindutva forces have no inclination to revitalise hinduism.
all they are interested in is upholding the brahminical order.
if they wish to propagate brahminism,it should be done outside of politics.
hinduism existed and exists in a region of the world best suited for human habitation.
this resulted in a stable society which attracted looters ,brigands ,conquerors,holy men and traders.
these so called hindutva forces seek to present everything with a religious angle.
the masses have been taken for a ride by the muttheads and their collaborators.

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