Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A good number of people are engaged in peddling lies and pretending to be posting on politics.
These groups have taken to the web with a vengeance.
The manner in which they twist the truth and selectively present the facts has to be seen to be believed.
I witnessed one of these types making a comment that p.sainath manufactures data.
Why has education ruined some of our young minds to such an extent that they are engaging
in mindless riffraff .
Should the social revolution underway in our country cause such an extreme polarisation of opinion.
The revolution is all about a shedding of the medieval mindset which had forced a majority of the people to have no other
destiny except mediocrity.
It required the revolutionary thinking of gandhi,periyar,ambedkar and countless others who
shared the vision of an eradication of the mindless quicksand which had devoured millions for centuries.
There is an allegation that reverse discrimination is being brought into play.
Has anyone been forced into the outskirts of cities and towns.
Has anyone been refused entry into religious places.
Has anyone been barred from enrolling into college.
These same categories can be found attacking the communists with a mindnumbing slander which is unbelievable.
Democratic forces and personalities are targeted with a vehemence which is petty and childish.
Yet,these seem and sound to be people who have received education.
The underpinning of all of these actions is a gross ignorance of the strides we have made in every sphere of activity since independence.
It is hoped that these young minds will be weaned away from their online fantasies and brought into the mainstream where they should belong.

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