Tuesday, November 13, 2007

mr advani

he sounds reasonable and decent but his hands were bloodied in the past.
when he says that he wants a discussion on nandigram,it gets one to expect the bharatiya janata party to rush out of parliament.
i have never seen anyone from the bjp talk sense in parliament except rasa singh rawat.
the mp from rajastan has been an energetic and intelligent speaker in parliament.
usually,he will be the lone mp in the opposition benches.
people who have not seen this can surely see a rerun when parliament reconvenes.
the bharatiya janata party has not allowed itself to be rid of the shameful grip of the grouping that had links to the murder of the father of the nation.
advani probably was turning a new leaf and would have steered the bjp to a decent position.
that advani was defeated means that the bjp will never be able to become a sensible political party.

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