Monday, November 12, 2007


The DMK and the communist parties are examples of political parties who have a committed cadre connected to the ideology of the founding days.
Cadres of parties in power display a belligerence which if within limits can be condoned.
There are also the rare occasional instances of rowdy behaviour getting out of hand.
The opposition of jayalalithaa and mamata bannerjee seems to entirely consist of provoking the cadres of the ruling parties.
They project themselves as a victim of evil violence and try to create a picture in the mind of the public of a underdog battling against the odds.
Democratic methods are available and have been used since independence to develop political parties.
The best example is the DMK which came up against the congress through the enlightened leadership of annadurai and karunanidhi.
Latter parties like the PMK were militant in their formative stages.
Politics in our country seems to be relying entirely on agitations of some sort to attract attention.
In the absense of issues for agitations,which was not a problem faced by the parties of the sixties
and the seventies,the leadership is desperate for something that can keep the cadre active and motivated.
The leadership is also desperate to stay in the limelight.
The shining example of this is the BJP.
This party felt that creating ruckus in parliament would get it attention.
It badly exposed itself to the people as a party with a dishonest and hopeless leadership.
All it needed to do was to do the hard work of going out into the streets and the villages and reaching out to the people.
The dravidian parties hold meetings on a regular basis and take the issues of the day to the people.
Instead,the bjp produces cds and rakes up non issues like the ram sethu.
A party like the CPI-M which has been in power for more than three terms should have anticipated a situation like nandigram.
The cadre used to power would have displayed high handedness when there was opposition to
the programmes of the government.
This would have been grasped by a party like the trinamool which has no ideology and therefore
would have faced problems with motivating the cadre.
The trinamool congress has milked the situation for all its worth.
The CPI-M ,of all parties,should have been the best equipped to take the people along the road of economic change with the broadest possible interaction.
It would have been expected to evolve a model for the country.
It has made a disaster of the process of economic upliftment.

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