Wednesday, November 14, 2007

world diabetes day and some food for thought

There was a public forum programme on lok sabha tv about diabetes.
There are 41 million people in india with diabetes.
Two more people are added to that list in every ten seconds.
It has become a matter of considerable concern for the people.
It gives us an occasion to reflect on the supposed gains of westernisation and globalisation.
We have allowed a hundred and fifty thousand farmers to lose their lives during this period.
We have gained access to the latest consumer products.
We have seen increased incidence of divorce.
The changed eating habits have increased the number of people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes.
We have more number of channels to choose from but whether they are contributing to better governance is a moot question.
The IT industry has increased the salaries of people who inevitably end up buying land at peak prices.
The same IT industry has been given tax holidays and privileged status in acquiring land.
The purchasing power of the IT workforce has contributed to a boom in the number of cars on our roads in cities like bangalore.
This has resulted in rapid increase of projects trying to cope with traffic.
The medical profession is facing a crisis of credibility with doctors increasingly being seen as commercial exploiters.
The focus is slowly shifting to alternative forms of medicine.
The agriculture industry has been stifled and throttled by the multinational companies.
Fertilisers are slowly being phased out by the agricultural economy.
The one thing that stands out from the early nineties is the choices of automobiles available and the reduced travel times between cities.
The faster access to information has come saddled with the peddling of pornography.
If all of us start reflecting on the ways that our lives have changed for the better or worse since 1990,there could be a debate which might steer us towards the timeless traditions of our good old days.
We seem to have needed this roundabout route of getting exposed to western culture and its perils to vanquish the pernicious social ills that have been plaguing us.

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