Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The immediate response that apologists of the gujarat riots provide is a reference to 1984.
These people are involved in equating the two calamities.
These people make it appear as if the administration in gujarat is within a zone of
It is bewildering that political affiliations sway people to the extent that they justify killings of human beings.
It might even stem from a feeling of the government having done the right thing in allowing the massacres to go on.
The government seems to have given a leeway for the past to be kindled in such a manner as to
allow the rioters to feel justified in their actions.
The point that comes up in response regarding the comparisons with 1984 could also probably be stemming from a affiliated tilt in my thinking.
It is possibly the valid point that in 1984,there was a vacuum in leadership as the highest leader was assasinated in a manner which numbed the entire country.
In gujarat,the chief minister should have upheld his duty as he had sworn to do and controlled the situation,had he wanted to.
If we have to learn anything from history,it should be lessons which uplift and benefit us.
As long as we go back and look for parallells in history,we are never going to walk upon the road to peace and prosperity.

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