Friday, October 26, 2007


Abhishek Singhvi is a presence of immense equanimity and reassurance in the political scene in our country.The nation received a fresh impetus when people of his standing brought their convictions into the grand organisation of the congress.The grandeur might not come from robust inner party democracy but from its unifying embrace of our vast country.His father lm Singhvi was a symbol of the entrenched order but abhishek singhvi has become a wise influence on the media circus and the educated masses.His contribution has been similar to that when marcus trescothick brought in a fresh energy into a struggling english cricket team.
The nucleus that holds the organisation of the Congress has been the Gandhi family.It has been a modern , energetic and an inspiring influence.The contrast with the bhuttos ,hasinas ,zias is a glaring one.The one thing that is holding our country back is the lack of a honest movement providing clean and healthy opposition.The bjp does not seem to be able to rise above cheap and petty personal attacks.
The Gandhi family has contributed to the unity and development of india.The magnitude of the task of nation building and the pangs of political adjustment have consumed two illustrious members of the family.The pettiness of personal attacks is clearly obvious but the bjp has sprung out of it and there is no turning back.The left could turn into an All India force if it had more of the likes of singhvi and sibal.


Arun Dewan said...


In this day and age, isnt prostrating before a family a bit too much?

samurai said...

hello arun,why do you want to interpret it as prostration?
it is giving credit where it is due.
if you have a strong feeling about it,then there might not be a chance for you to be able to appreciate the points.
the various tendencies inherent in a vast subcontinent situation could be handled like in europe if the people share a common classless society.
the nucleus has always been the gandhi family.
and it has been a good record.
it is going to be atleast another decade until we can settle down and then we will be ready for serious contests for the top post.