Saturday, October 20, 2007


The democratic revolution underway in our country has made some sections feel uncomfortable.
These sections find the bjp to be the party that voices their concerns.
The aiadmk under jayalalithaa also has joined this bandwagon.
It is an upheaval done by the force of debate and ballots.
The country needs honest opposition that voices its thoughts in parliament and presents all aspects of an issue to the people.
The country needs an opposition that is willing to bide its time and perform its constitutional role.
We have achieved tremendous progress in social and economic spheres.
If hinduism is sought to be preserved ,it has to be done from within by addressing all issues sincerely.
A bigoted and blind hatred of other traditions and religions can never help hinduism.
It will surely result in those traditions and religions learning to cope with the questions raised and an ultimate betterment.
It will do hinduism a world of good if more people question its practices.

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