Friday, September 21, 2007


an emotional reaction is being displayed by devotees of rama.
they have become affected by the government stating that there is no evidence that can
sustain a legal proceeding in a court of law,which is one of the arms of our government.
the court is being run according to the constitution that was brought into being in 1950.
the congress has displayed majority appeasement by withdrawing the affidavits.
do the devotees of rama feel upset that there is no evidence of rama s existence.
rama is one of the avatars of vishnu according to hindu traditions.
that will not be affected by an affidavit being filed in the year 2007 in a court in the republic of india.
rama was supposed to have been a great ruler.
if immediately after he had been coronated,the people had raised a demand for a canal,what would a good ruler do?
he would do what ever is best for the people.
this whole episode has revealed that hindus are insecure in a country where they form the majority.
it is time for the hindus to get together and address the problems confronting the religion,including caste.
the crux of the problem lies in the constituency that is most vocal in this and other episodes involving rama,yet thinks that reservation is unwanted.
this constituency should face reality and stop cribbing vehemently and should tackle the real issues.
it is also time that the hindus learnt to separate politics and religion.
if they do not separate the two,they will be facing many more such episodes of self inflicted unreal injuries.
tamilnadu is a state where the caste surname has been removed .
the vocal cribbers should implement this as a first step .

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