Monday, September 24, 2007


There appears to be a dearth of issues which can be of interest to the voter.
The BJP and to some extent the AIADMK are gasping for breath and have hopes that
the ram sethu will be a fresh lease of life.
It reveals the dishonesty and the laziness of the BJP that it is not able to intelligently address
the concerns of the people.
It is like a student who has no inclination to study but hoping desperately for a question paper leak when the examinations are nearing.
It wants an overarching issue,forgetting that the economy and perils of globalisation is one such issue.
It does not seem to have the intellectual firepower to argue for some form of a detour in the economic highway on which we are travelling.
It has established its hindutva credentials,over the lives of thousands of lives.
A section of the urban population is always allied to it.
Its inability to voice the concerns of the people reveal that it has altogether different agendas which make it blind to the real issues .
Kudos to the communists for providing honest opposition and talking about peoples issues.

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