Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reckless and lost

Why do a majority of educated people in their twenties and thirties feel it necessary to express frustration at our country's present condition.A considerable part of this segment are software engineers.They have studied in engineering colleges which abound in india,in the south,so much that in the last few years enormous numbers of seats have been vacant in tamilnadu.Getting A technical degree has become a commonplace thing and the job market abounds with opportunities.People are spending more than ever before and lifestyles have begun to resemble the west.
The political scene also reflects stability.We have a prime minister and a finance minister who are extremely accomplished and capable of looking at the longer perspective.Manufacturing Industries have begun to thrive with a semiconductor foundry coming up in Hyderabad.The government has begun to address the crisis in the Agriculture sector and in rural india.In such a situation of positives abounding ,why would this person write an article like this?
There are comments of like minded people calling this article a masterpiece.A generation seems to have lost itselves inspite of success.


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