Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The Political setup in Maharashtra seems to verge on the venal.It would seem that the stereotype politician in bollywood actually exists in Maharashtra.Maharashtra needs a leader who can intelligently address the calamity that has befallen vidarbha.

According to P.Sainath ,600 people have committed suicide this year,5250 people in the last 2 years.There was a discussion on Makkal tv about the sugar crisis in Tamilnadu where refernce was made to compensation given to sugarcane farmers in Maharashtra.One of the participants spoke about the pervasive corruption in the co-operatives there.It is the most sorry state of affairs that is prevailing there.

None of the young leaders including supriya sule,raj and uddhav thackeray look capable of imaginatively resolving this issue.The farmers in the six districts are in an utterly hopeless situation.Cynicism seems to be the only answer that the politicians care to provide.

The situation demands an All India farmers conclave of some sort to discuss this issue and work out a remedy which might also involve counselling.

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