Friday, September 7, 2007

why is parliament being defiled like this

The nuclear deal has become an appallingly prolonged affair.The shameful disruption of parliament has again been exacted upon the people.The debate in the Lok Sabha is to begin on Monday.It remains to be seen as to what will transpire in the next two days which might bring about a change in the BJPs thought processes.They have asked for a JPC which has not been accepted.The reasonable and honourable course of action would have been to participate in the debate in the Rajya Sabha and then take it from there.
The Prime Minister has signed a deal which he feels is in our interests.He is an exceptionally qualified person and the Congress has an unblemished record of upholding the national interest.If and when the situation changes,the country has to deal accordingly.
All that the left needs to do is to seek a clarification about the vote against Iran and a debate about the direction of our foreign policy.The background to the vote against Iran could surely be provided at the committee meeting.The BJP has asked for some amendments in the atomic energy act.Instead of discussing the issue on the floor of the house,it is piling agony upon the institutions of our sacred Democracy.

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