Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Elections 2008

The left have ratcheted things up and are in action,they are the first guys off the block and having an ideological position and all to gain has energised them.They have spotted an opportunity to get into the mainstream and become entrenched in Tamil nadu and Andhra Pradesh.The people of the southern states wont have any ideological problems with Dr Manmohan Singh and the Congress on account of the civilian nuclear deal.They also wont have a problem with a honest and clean opposition which gives spirited opposition in the form of learned debates.The political scenario has acquired an electric intensity with the arrival of Prakash Karat in Chennai.The Congress and Dr Singh can be expected to offer a spirited counter argument.The left has got the naval exercises and the visit of Nimitz as potential aces up its sleeve.Looking back at it all,the only thing that queers the pitch was the vote against Iran.The Congress might not be in a position to provide the strategic backdrop in public,that is,if there was one.

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