Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Indian Cricket League is beginning to look like a circus.The players that have been enticed seem to have agreed due to the financial element.No matter how big the assemblage of players,there is small chance of it turning out to be a real contest with the BCCI.
The huge amounts being invested in star players could have been invested in about ten to fifteen grounds in the smaller towns.The best coaches could have been hired and ten year olds from all backgrounds could have been trained.It would have taken six to seven years to evolve a base of around a thousand players all over the country.
This could have been done in association with the BCCI.A very attractive domestic competition could have been fashioned attracting players from all around the world.The present friction caused by a rival league is uncalled for.
The Indian Cricket League will find it hard to sustain viewer interest and itself.

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