Thursday, August 16, 2007

disruptions in parliament

ive got a chance to watch parliament on tv today,in another 15 minutes.
it is simply unbelievable .these 60 plus guys shouting and barging out like idiots.the congress when it walked out during the previous lok sabha had the issue of george fernandes s resignation and walked out when he rose to speak.
what is happening now is blood curdling.these guys take the people to be so stupid that they cant get their point across by having a proper discussion and arguing about the pros and cons of issues.they seem to think that they can get to influence the public by noisy walkouts.
it is the biggest shame and is a slap on the face of every indian when there is a walkout without using the available choices for discussion.
these are akin to the actions of terrorists who challenge the legitimacy of the law.
these farcical fools are trying to challenge the legitimacy of a duly elected government by never ever participating in a meaningful debate.

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