Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I Watched Dubya's speech to American war veterans in Kansas city.It was a very well made speech and it brought out the thought that administrators always have to do their
work against public opinion and critics.
Varied groups have different motivations to oppose the work of government.The general public can get sanctimonious very fast and it needs things to talk about.
The American occupiers alongwith the forces of other countries are not wantonly engaged in destroying the culture of Iraq neither have they set about converting the populace to christianity.
The oil that they propose to trade will be taken at world prices.
They are bringing in democracy which can do no harm to people.
This brings us to the question of whether the occupiers would have behaved otherwise if the resistance,in however form,were not present.
A bully faced with no opposition will gain in arrogance,wouldnt he?
That is the moot point,whether the USA is an enlightened power or a rogue.
Dubya claimed credit for the success of a lot of the asian countries.
India is not among them.

We achieved our destiny due to the leadership of a most extraordinary soul.He proved that there is another way which is more refined and civilised and which removes the chances of a descent into violent behaviour.

It would be a fascinating bilateral relationship which is
coming into being between the world's oldest and biggest democracies,
between the apostles of War and Peace.

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