Tuesday, August 28, 2007


NDTV s opinion poll has predicted that an election held now will see the Left losing considerably.The educated youth see the left as a force which stands in the way of development with its ideology.They look at the left with visceral hatred.
The left is the only force which people whose livelihoods have been undermined by liberalisation can look up to with some hope.The left might lose in Kerala because of the unprecedented infighting but it will surely improve its chances in Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu.
In Uttar pradesh,Mayawati has acted against Reliance and other retailers and would have retained the disaffected constituencies.The BJP is unable to launch campaigns on the real issues with a sense of purpose.
The country seems to be gravitating towards a Centrist Congress and other Leftist forces led by the communists.The BJP is going to be restricted to the west and central pockets where feudal systems are intact and in a few urban pockets.

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