Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Elections in France

sarkozy has won the elections in france.i found out only yesterday that he is of hungarian and greek origin.if looking for similarities ,it can only be found in tamilnadu.i dont know if any other state in india has had a person whose origins are outside as the chief minister.
sarko has brought the right wing back to power,he is expected to take france closer to the u.s.immigrants will feel a little less welcome.they wont have a feeling of belonging.as long as their rights are not trampled,it is probably better that they dont turn into french citizens.they should focus on the economic part as long as it goes well and should look to go back to their countries.indians in the gulf dont have any options of settling there.the rules in the gulf are different with religious images not being allowed inside.but,things should have changed a lot since the 80s and 90s.i dont know if any church or temple exists in public,probably not.
i feel the sarkozy method is practical compared to the apologetic nature of the british approach.immigrants should live according to the cultural ethos of the host country.
questions of rights arising from colonialism will suggest otherwise,but i dont know if that argument has been made.the question of religious symbols in clothing is another tricky issue.
other than schooling,they wont make much of an issue.i think students should be allowed to dress as they wish,but a teacher with a veil does not look practicable though i saw a teacher on bbc who teaches with the veil.

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