Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Modi-The man who WORKS FOR FAILURE

Congress has refreshed itself, has evolved, and is ready for the challenges of the 21st century. But, there are many educated people out there, especially the youth, who like how they get everything instantly through the Apps on their smartphones, want jobs, development instantly. They think the way to do it is to have a person with a great amount of power, with a full level of control. So, what will this person then do?

Ideally, he will ask everyone working below him, to work fast, tirelessly, selflessly, and all of these people below him up to the MLAs will do exactly like that.

Then, comes the question of what is the work that is needed to be done? Ideally, you would expect improved educational institutions, improved focus on agriculture, and equal focus on industry.

What are the developments on the ground that you have seen with these two aspects?

The people expect this one person sitting on top to achieve everything!

The Congress has spoken clearly that it wants to build a system where all the people are involved.

So, if this one-person system that the people seem to want, does not work out, then the Congress is waiting to tell the people, we told you so, and is ready to step in to govern.

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