Friday, November 25, 2016

Modi--the man with no mission

#Modi does not have any connection with society, as we have it, with some wealthy and established people, many people with settled lives, and huge number of people with day-to-day lives. His main phobia seems to be the wealthy and settled sections of people. He has used his power to unsettle them and he still cannot get over his pleasure at having done so. He has fed his feeling of success to many others, who also were thinking that some others were having more success which was not their rightful due. That is all.

Modi does not have any other plan. Obviously, he believes that he can continue to do what he has been doing for so long, even more better, with more revenues, and more operating cash.

So, what has he done in the last 2.5 years, the exact anniversary of which is tomorrow. He was sworn in on May 26, 2014.

He has increased the prices of essential medicines.

He has refused to reduce the price of petrol/diesel.

What is the signature move of Modi in the last 2.5 years?

He has continued with the base that has been built over the years. He has watched Indian satellites being launched.

Has Modi talked about the need to make our education system really great?

Has Modi talked about the need to reduce friction in the country?

He has announced schemes such as Make in India, Skill India, etc..These are all just continuations of the good-governance policies that have been in place in making India a great country.

Without doing the hard work that is needed to make real success, he has gone out and done this demonetisation, without thinking about the costs of his decision, and whether there will be enough benefits to outweigh the costs.

It looks like Modi did not like the country as it was, because it had nothing to do with him. He especially did not like the success of the people who had achieved all of their wealth without any reason to be thankful to him.

He knew that he had no idea to better the existing system. And so, he decided to destroy it. He knew he could find enough people to support him, for this is the country where 90 percent can be fooled by the 10 percent brahmins. You can trace Modi's decision-making to the way he has seen and the way he has become addicted to the brahmins and their domination of the minds of the people. He knows that the Indian people can be fooled at ease.

So, to make all his talk of India having seen no development in the last 70 years, into truth and fact, he has now created this magical trick, to make a reality for the people that it was indeed nothing at all for so long.

Now, the people will no longer be needed to believe that India really had nothing all along. Now, it is imprinted in their minds.

Now, all those who support Modi and all those who do not will live through the next three months and either confirm that India never had any development in the last 70 years or that Modi is a criminal monkey, a brahmin fundamentalist, and one of the biggest jokers in the history of this world.

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