Saturday, October 1, 2016

Swapan Dasgupta Phase II

He likes the current situation pf war-like walk and talk so much that he got mad when Sitaram Yechury said we must talk with Pakistan.

He thinks the current need is a cold war.

So, we will be shelling each other continuously, and if there is any terrorist attack on our camps, we will go in for surgical strikes.

Is that not war?

He said Yechury's asking for talks was a tacit criticism of the surgical strike.

He also said Pakistan will be reassured that the weak hindu is not going to change, as the surgical strikes would have suggested.

When there has not been a single criticism of the governmental move, at the level of political parties, what makes him thin that this is a criticism of the surgical strike.

Marya Shakil of CNNTV18 asked D.Raja whether Yechury had misread the people's mindset.

D.Raja replied that do not make your opinion into the opinion of the people.

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