Monday, April 18, 2016

What do the people of Tamilnadu want

#Thankarbachan has made a strong campaign for #PMK. The PMK must live up to the trust if and when it reaches power, either directly or through coalition. The PMK of previous eras that tied up with the VC would have been the best route to achieve this, but the people did not allow the PMK to take that route. They wanted the PMK to take the casteist route.

A few more voices like this, and the votes for DMK will start to be chipped away. The DMK copied points from the manifesto of the PMK, not that the DMK is short of progressive ideas. It is the same with the Congress too. The Congress is not short of progressive ideas too.

Just like how the people themselves prevented the PMK-VC tieup, the people themselves are to blame for situation that Thankar Bachan has presented.

It is the people who voted out the DMK last time, even though it had a coalition with the PMK, VC and INC.

It is the people who voted out the INC despite it having brought out consistent economic growth and pro-people, pro-democracy schemes.

As long as the people vote for characters like Jayalalitha, Mamata Bannerjee, Naveen Patnaik, MGR, NTR, Narendra Modi etc, they deserve the worst kind of fate, which they will never even realise, because they will never go against their favourites.

But, they will get wild and furious when it is a political party, even though the party has strived to better their future.

Political parties have to be aware that the slightest slipups will be milked by dictatorial characters, who are more often than not backed by the brahmins.

In such a situation, what Thankar Bachan has done is just campaign for one party.

The DMK must have done more this election, but it is trying. The Congress in Tamilnadu has failed to grasp the change, and it is the failure of EVKS Elangovan. The Congress does not have too many other leaders. it is time for the Congress to either bring in new members or to shut down.

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