Monday, October 12, 2015

Swapan Dasgupta is rotting away

Today, we saw on NDTV what real intellect is in the form of nayantara sahgal and ganesh devy and what diseased disease is in the form of swapan dasgupta.

why did fate get swapan dasgupta to this point, to be shamed publicly by nayantara sahgal and ganesh devy. the BJP could have just rather faded out of the picture rather than to have to come to such a great victory and to then get dissolved and eradicated in such a powerful and thundering fashion by the heart and soul of this great country called India, that heart and soul, which has consistently been sought to be sullied and calumnied by the brahmins, and their irrevocable quest for thieving and corrupting. We also had two other brahmins today on Tamil television, im not sure whether they are brahmins themselves, but surely carry the brahminical virus in them, one very unfitting journalist called malan and one very cruel and painful publisher called badri seshadri.

So, what did swapan dasgupta say?

he said the writers represent one version of thinking in society and that the other version of thinking in society was that of technocrats. One version was studied while the other was unlearned. So, he said there are those who are just writers and dreamers while the others are the doers and the rushers.

How did nayantara sahgal spit on the face of such a diseased disease that swapan dasgupta is?

she said that if you are building smart cities, what is the point in having stupid people living in them, those who think that ganesha was the first recipient of plastic surgery.

what did the disesed disease swapan dasgupta say to this?

he said that his point has been proved, that there is a difference between those who think, write and those who live and work while also believing that ganesha was the first recipient of plastic surgery.

Actually, Ganesh Devy had earlier told Swapan dasgupta, that 100 years ago, shahu maharaj had fought for the lower castes and today, 100 years later, Pansare who does the same is being killed.

swapan dasgupta does not realise that society is changing for the good and narendra modi wants to stop that, and that swapan dasgupta is aiding narendra modi in that effort.

swapan dasgupta, you are a shame to the country you live in!

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