Monday, November 12, 2012

what will the editor of The Hindu write now

the fellow will tell that a successful sector got botched up by the UPA government and then will go on to tell that, THE PRESENT SITUATION IS ENTIRELY THE RESULT OF CORRUPTION BY THE GOVERNMENT.

that will be the peak of shamelessness, masquerading as merit.

the fellows try to ask the country to BEHAVE ITSELF, as the youth is asking, in their new ad.

will they themselves learn to behave and live decently.

no, the editor of the paper will take cue from comments such as this.

simon says, "It appears that the old Telecom policy was good for consumers, but due to corrupt people it becomes a mess."

hiranmoy goswami says," this time around the same
corrupt and motivated Govt. of the day has kept the unrealistic high
base price of Rs 14,000 crore, so that they can kill the auction
process once for all and "Loss to Exchequer” can be put to rest."

it is sad but true. in this game of shamelessness and brainlessness begun by the mass murderer vinod rai, and entered into gusto by the supreme court and the media, truth and fact are raped.

so be it, all we need is hype fame and money, the three will respond.

shamelessness prevails.

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