Saturday, November 10, 2012

The citizens finally realise by themselves

that the joke is on them. an auditor dreams and fantasises, and two judges join in the frolic, and 10,000  beggars who operate under the label of media benefit by becoming participants in the frolic, and a nation of 1000 million people is ravaged.

for about 10,000 people to be gaining salaries, the nation of 1000 million people pays the price. the citizens have to understand that the electronic media are modern-day beggars. they put circles around people on their screens and play music while reporting news. these are the beggars. each and every one of them has an inclination to beg. we have to decide now, whether about 10,000 people being employed is important or whether truth objectivity and facts are important. in the party-atmosphere created by these 10,000 beggars, a mass murderer vinod rai committed his crime on the country and a clown-duo in the supreme court also joined the crime committed by the mass murderer.

guha from bangalore says,"No one is talking about the uncomfortable issue here. This proves that there is no substance in the huge presumed loss to the exchequer on which the entire 2G scam issue was raised."  RK Sinha from New Delhi says,"
We should learn lessons from 3G auction. It has become unaffordable for the masses. Rental may be low, but the data usage charges are too high. Ideally, every mobile users should have 3G connections. Similar results are expected for 2G spectrum auction. Common man will suffer most. It would make the call rates prohibitive for carpenters, plumbers, painter, dhobis and like. Ultimately, it will hurt the Indian economy.....I think the best way is to go for the revenue share model with minimum base price. We should not frown upon making profits...reasonable profits are good for the tax kitty and for the over all growth of the economy."  varinder singh from chandigarh says,"
Telecom sector is not too profitable sector , even the supply is more as compare to demand in some areas, which lead Neck-to-neck competition , prices are low and government decision to charge price 7 time higher than present is not good because of this number of telecom giants stay away from auction...."  jeetendra from mumbai replies to varinder singh,"I do understand the situation but our fellow country man earlier they said that 2G price was to low & our RAZA has made fraud so this is the consequence in coming future where you, me & everyone has to pay high price. Now nobody will appreciate the Congress but they are going to blame. In reality the BJP has sold earlier 2G in cheap price."   Stalled Economy from mumbai writes"Another way /Alternative way to sell off India , Imports doubling every years , Exports getting divided by 2 every years , so what is the way for Govt to make payment for exports , Simple call FDI in retail , Take Loans against property like Spectrum and then default and surrender the Company to Loan Givers , Simlarly Harass Indian E&P Companies like Reliance for everything Rules , Regularions , Charge for Corruption ( Like Anna , Kejrivals , CAG .. for that matter any one can charge anything .. with Media amplifying to make its publicity and sell copies / Eyeballs. None of them are going to give any employment or value generation but creating chaos of Economy , No responsibility .. just create Choas and misguide popuplation is their motto , result poor econonomic growth) , poor rates , make then forget further activity in E&P in India, CAG damaging Every sector - Telecom , Stalling of decision process , With IT sector dwindling in further Exports Result total collapse of Economy , Chaos , Unemployment , Inflation .. Ultimately Sell off of the company , PM can do nothing , Courts are the methodology to take executive decisions , This is damaging the Country Economically and making acceleration towards Bankruptcy rather than making progress.    one of the beggars exhibits his talent here.  

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