Friday, November 2, 2012

the surety of some people

netrikkan nyayman writes

Sam Pitroda, although a competent technocrat, is a Gandhi family loyalist. Instead of expressing his "shock", let him rebut the substance of the allegations. The law of the land does not respond to "shock". Why the hell is a commercial enterprise being run from Herald House when it was meant for running and printing newspapers? Simple.

kasturi sundaram writes

Sue Swamy for all you are worth. Who is stopping you, Ppitroda? Stop barking and.start biting if you have teeth! 

Tewari declines to answer the charges dismissing them as insinuation, vilification and calumny and do not merit a detailed point by point reply. This shows the estimation he has of us the 'mango people's intellect. We are no so naive Mr.Tewari and you cannot get away so easily. If you do not answer we know you have no answers. Don't drag in BJP in this matter. Swamy is the accuser and you cannot use Gadkari as the red herring. And ,pray, why are you defending Rahul? Do your duties as a minister include this also? Are you paid you salary from Rahul's hoard or from the consolidated funds of the govt of India?

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