Saturday, October 27, 2012

Loose Talk Of The Hindu Gets It More Readers, Lets Live With It

A writer called Shalini Singh writes in The Hindu:

FROM THE ARTICLE,""""Mr. Chandrashekhar’s disclosure that he had submitted a note recommending a huge upward revision in the existing price of Rs. 1,651 crore for pan-India spectrum that had been discovered at 2001 rates, was in response to CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta’s persistent questioning about the failure of the Cabinet Secretariat to act on a matter which had such huge financial implications for the country.""""

ALSO FROM TH E ARTICLE,"""""The timing of this note reveals that had the Prime Minister acted upon Mr. Chandrashekhar’s advice, the government could have easily prevented the scam, since this note was dated 5 weeks before the scam took place on January 10, 2008.""""


the writer, shalini singh, is obviously having no qualms or compunctions about what she does to bring her her salary at the end of the month. She and her company have decided to employ words loosely. This gets titillation and audiences. If there were no audiences, what is the point in living?

Is there any honour in living without a five or six figure salary? Is there  life at all without money?

Hence, The Hindu has decided to adopt a loose language and lifestyle.

This writer has also started appearing on TV now.

Meanwhile, The Hindu's sister publication, the Hindu BusinessLine, which caters to a different audience, presents different issues and different perspectives.

The headline of this article tells that the department of telecom says multiple directives by different ministries can complicate matters.

In this article on fewer bidders for spectrum,

the following lines are written,""""The short line-up of bidders for the upcoming spectrum auction, especially for CDMA, has raised concerns about the potential revenue implications for the Government."""

what we realize is that these are journalists who have no idea of a big picture, a whole picture.

or they have it, but cannot write about it, as the titillation and audiences will probably shrink.

hence, two years on, the readers of The Hindu have no idea about what revenue sharing is and whether it is equivalent to upfront proceeds from auctions.

whereas the Business Line tells that proceeds from auctions can be staggered, that is spread out.

so what is the big difference between revenue sharing and auction.

as things go on, Shalini Singh happily writes about A SCAM THAT TOOK PLACE, and she has certified that it took place on the particular date.

Our journalism has become shameless.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court spat at these modern-day beggars, when he referred to economic and legal illiteracy. Justice Kapadia was primarily referring to the mass murderer Vinod Rai.

Our journalists did not even pause for a second.

They go on, sinking deeper and deeper, into loose behavior.

all for that swanky car, and that cool apartment. our journalists need them all now, today.

if it is loose behaviour that gains them, so be it.

What was Justice Ganguly speaking on the day of his retirement, when he had turned his head skyward and spat high?

he was speaking about sachin tendulkar. such are the people who do anything for publicity.

we have allowed a lot of wrong people to occupy perches.

In today's Hindu, in the inside pages, in news from Other States, we get news about Haryana Govt's Clean Chit To Robert Vadra.

The issue, when it started out, was the Main Story on the Front Page, on October 16, October 17, and October 18.

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