Thursday, May 19, 2011

vinod rai

the humour of this guy's report that said 176,000, is being matched now by the as-good humour of providing a list of most-wanted criminals to Pakistan and then finding out that two of them are in our own jails. such incompetent fools as those that were responsible for such offensively humorous reports, will be the ones who decide the course of the people, if we have the types of jayalalithaa and narendra modi as chief ministers. these types of leaders who are differently-abled enough for the people to believe that they can replace the local and regional strata of democracy, go along their work, with the incompetent idiots of the likes of vinod rai and those that made this most-wanted report.

even now, there is not anybody in this country other than kalaignar, and our people here, and kapil sibal, who have spoken the obvious. In this whole country of 1 billion people, there does not seem to be any politician, mediaperson, or public personality, who can tell the truth that the CAG  is a wasted bunch of amazing ineptitude. how on earth can losses be run up when you get a share of the revenue, and when one group of operators has already received licenses without bidding, and when auction has been ruled out by the concerned expert body, is a matter of the most unimaginable humour. now, time magazine has revealed the state of excellence of the american media, society and capitalism, by taking the billions of the CAG, to put A Raja in a list of misuse of power.

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