Thursday, May 19, 2011


the charge is that 200 crores was paid as kickback to kalaignar tv, for the granting of licenses to swan telecom. the minister and kalaignar tv are linked as they are members of a political party. the minister made some decisions that are under scrutiny. first and foremost, the question that needs to be answered and the matter that needs to be established is whether there was any wrongdoing on the part of the minister. if that is proven, then there comes the question of any conspiracy and any kickback.

now, at this stage, when the matter of any undue favour has not been established, we have the modern-day beggars like Times Now asking whether Kanimozhi will be arrested. these modern-day beggars do not know that they can discuss about how Kanimozhi can even be thought of being arrested, when the question of the undueness has not at all been looked at.

Instead of looking at that most basic of issues, there is a conspiracy, and there are conspirators, and there are kickbacks, and there is a huge scam.

who will discuss these issues, of whether there was any illegality in the award of licenses? in our country, the media will surely not do it, because it consists of beggars, who wait for any crumb thrown by anybody, and who have no sense of going and working with dignity.

the situation is such that one newspaper The Hindu that tried to get the whole picture was slowly thought of as favoriing the minister, bcause all the rest, those that make up the list of the modern-day beggars, were all grasping at the crumb thrown by the CAG, and relishing the morsel.

there is a guy called N Ravi who actually wrote to a portal that the newspaper was favoring the minister. this guy was one responsible for running the newspaper. it is lucky for democracy that this N Ravi did not get to man the newspaper.

now, all the linkages between the minister, kanimozhi, and swan telecom are being looked at by the CBI  and the judge who takes digs at those awaiting his judgement. but, is there any illegality at all in the issuance of licenses?

the entire nation has been told and has been confirmed in its thinking that it can just be assumed that there was an undue favouritism in the allotment of licenses. If that is not a crime, then what is?

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