Monday, April 18, 2011

this country was supposed to be having potential

this country's leader wanted to train any body in the world who needed the know-how to defeat insurgcies.

Into this country, the desperate Chinese state poured money, manpower and expertise to ensure a piece of the economic pie. The chinese can be excused because they are a pathetic and pitiable nation, who do not have anything within their country, with which to build their country. Hence, they can be excused as they make partnerships with countries like sri lanka. After all, the chinese cannot be expected to possess honour and wisdom, when without tieups with sri lanka, the chinese people do not have a chance to survive.

It is this nation Sri Lanka, that wants to become a singapore, a malaysia, a dubai etc.

let us watch this murderous leadership plunge into the quicksand of folly and hubris.

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