Sunday, April 17, 2011

they despise democracy

the democratic journey is described as destructive by the forces of inhumanity and the custodians of unimaginable degradation. these custodians of unimaginable degradation are going on amongst our midst, thinking that they possess something special. The arrogance that such a thought creates makes them belittle the democratic process and the human striving.

the article tells about actor vadivel, " if only he had known to talk in a civilised manner" thus imputing that vadivel does not know to talk in a civilised way, or maybe he himself is not civilised.

this article tells about some actors who campaigned in the past elections, and that they disappeared or were contrite after the elections.

in the very next para, the article tells vijayakanth is now a leader in politics and a prominent figure. these type of crass writing is the output of a fanatic mind that is crazed with the thought of supremacy of its religion. the very existence of human kind is put to shame by such minds and their propaganda.

the article then tells the people are hesitant to read the newspapers because there is so much abusive language.

The diseased mind reveals it self further.the article then asks where this destruction is headed to.

Finally, the article talks about the world coming to an end and then closes with a photo of the bharatiya janata party.

the site calls itself tamilhindu.

while we can watch with anxiety this dismantling of the human mind, this dissolution into the flame of fanaticism, this destruction of the human potential, we should ask ourselves the question as to how did we allow this disease to spread so much that it actually believes itself. this work of a minority among a minority sect is now the most amazing phenomenon in the world. A set of people that came in to survive in a flourishing land have morphed centuries and millennia later, a section of this set, into people that despise, curse, and pour scorn, on their hosts, vilify the land that sustained them. All because, they were not able to settle down and adopt the culture of their adopted home, but instead, they tried to act smart and become instructors to the inhabitants. Such an inhuman greed is revealing them after centuries as the ones that probably do not deserve the sympathy of the people. Can we even now continue to condone this disease.

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