Friday, January 21, 2011

n ram

the hindu editorial on tony blair is a call for justice to be brought to bear on tony blair. however, the editor of the hindu cannot summon the same sense of justice when he deals with mahinda rajapakse, whom he deferentially and reverentially addresses as mr president, whenever he interviews him. why is the same deference and reverence not present when he writes about tony blair. should' nt tony blair be referred to with respect, as a two-term prime minister of the UK.

the editorial calls for the indictment of Tony Blair before the bar of humanity.such a lofty call has not been visible till now in the Hindu's view of the situation in Ceylon. the reader of the newspaper would have no idea at all about the various processes all over the world, to ensure an investigation into the last months of the war. but the paper calls for tony blair's indictment. there is a decision here, to deny some information to the readers, which cannot but cause a blemish to the newspaper.

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