Sunday, January 23, 2011

how to deal with brats with nuisance value

the train that reversed its direction is the most humorous episode in politics i have come across till now.

one brat  Anurag Thakur, the leader of the so-called tiranga yatra, should also be dealt with in such a manner, with minimum fuss. anurag Thakur who used to grandstand in parliament, and mostly was seen on his feet, now has found an issue which probably is the best that a bjp-affected mind can come up with. a yatra that pretends is what this party of amazingly incompetent individuals has come up with. these guys never can grow up beyond this state, as they are affected by the khaki-shorts of nagpur, who pretend to be something which they are not, which they were not, and which they just cannot ever comprehend. to be a leader in indian society requires modesty and to act when fit, not grandstanding forever and ever, which the pretenders are trying. most importantly, if you are a person with origins and roots in the land, you wouldnt feel threatened in your own land. those who have their insecurities about their origins will be the ones who feel threatened. the poor folk who get entwined with this khaki-short movement can only be counselled about their folly.

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